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Berlin has always been worth a trip… with and without suitcases. Of course, places like Nollendorfstrasse, Fuggerstrasse, Motzstrasse or Connection and Lab are also known to many, but we work in a quiet area in the outskirts of Berlin, where normally hare and hedgehog say goodnight to each other.

However, this does not apply to our products which have been developed by various designers over the years and are among the hottest items in the erotic and fetish scene.

It is important to us to always offer the right solution for men and women.

You won’t get any weapons, hot men, brides or drugs from us, unless you get addicted to more when looking at and using our products. Thank God this is not forbidden.

And most importantly we offer fun and enjoyment in using our clothing because it not only shapes bodies super,. but because MAN, WOMAN looks great in it too.

How did we get started?

As a manufacturer of skin-tight diving suits, we had already been producing latex and neoprene clothing for other customers with our own label worldwide for a while.

The development and sample production, as well as design, is done in our Berlin development centre. The main production is still done in our own factory in Thailand.

In 2015, after having produced fetish clothing for special customers in the past, we decided to enter latex and neoprene production on a larger scale based on our knowledge of cutting and materials. Together with different designers we developed a special feminine latex and neoprene collection and in the following year a gay collection. This basic collection was called “X3 collection” for men and “ancelique” for women.

With the demand for thin neoprene materials, the question of special models with high stretchability arose. Together with our material manufacturers we developed a new neoprene latex blend with high stretch values and a matt shiny surface, which we call NEOLITE.


With this step Xrubber will further establish itself on the marketb in order to bring the so far insufficiently worked special fetish shops closer to Xrubber.

With the combination of our own production and design and service centre we believe to have made an important step for the customers to offer a high quality fetish product at an acceptable price.

Xrubber will therefore find its way into fetish shops around the world in a new guise as we continue to develop new and sought after products in many areas.

Additional Details

  • Menswear, Womanswear, Unisex
  • Manufacturer
  • Fetish, Heavy Rubber
  • Onlineshop
  • Sandard sizes
  • German, English