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British fashion designer

Born in the Country. Grew up in the city.

‘In the 14th century babies in Herefordshire were baptised in cider, on the grounds that it was cleaner than water.’

That’s my home town right there, as well as cider it also has one of the best Art colleges, Hereford college of Arts. Here is where I learn’t how to be free with my art, I learn’t how to express myself. I gained a National diploma in Art and Design.

I moved to London when I was 18 to attend London college of Fashion. London is where I really grew up and I fell in love with London, I may come from the country but I’m city girl through in through.

I interned for Michael Van Der Ham during his first collection for Fashion east, collaging beautiful dresses together. I graduated University at 21 with a degree in Fashion Design Womenswear with technology.

I Stared working for Kim West, this is where my Latex career started. Experimenting with the material more and more I made my own fabric, Latex net.

Latex net is a material that I created from being too broke to buy latex sheeting and through trial and error I came up with this technique that creates unique clothing pieces. I hand make each piece to order.

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