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Peter Domenie


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Self-willed, saucy, personal design, personal style, personal touch….Unmistakingly Peter Domenie.

Welcome. I’m Peter Domenie (1972), born and raised in Schiedam, near Harbourcity Rotterdam with its dockyards.
I am a waterchild, raised with its movements. Water is alive, it moves, there is always something happening along the waterside. This also applies to my designs.

My inspiration is my fascination for the dockyards and industry of Rotterdam; think cranes, oil, industry. Particularly the constructional designs are apparent in my designs for men and women.

I do not wish to follow trends; I rather stay true to my own style. My work has a so-called watermark: everything is produced in limited editions so that it remains unique. Man and Woman: Steal, Pure and Temptation (of Seduction). Three collections with a personal and unique touch.

For me, designing is like learning to write. It starts off with clumsy letters spelling your name and evolves into your personal signature. The evolvement of a ‘good writer’ can be found in the use of patterns, materials and designs. This ensures a watermark for all my designs. 

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