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Nicoline Hansen


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I want to challenge how we do fashion.

Fashion is about communication – the story you tell your surroundings. I want to make you feel like you, limitless and without restraints. Feel the ground underneath your feet and soft fabric hugging your body – moving with your steps and your breathing…

I believe the future is about taking the craftsmanship back to the design house. Each creation passing through the designer’s and artisan’s hands. Something magical happens when you share the same values, respect and learn from each other, within the house.

I want to make creations that make people stop and look once more, creations that challenge how something should look, or what something is made from.

My current obsession is latex – made from natural rubber dripping down from trees in the rainforest. Latex clothes are by many people associated with something secretive and forbidden. It is a material often used for art – provocative and strange. I believe that latex can be used for much more than that.

I have created pieces in latex since 2014. From creations that empower and make my clients feel special and daring, to art installations that play with concepts of life and death.

Additional Details

  • Womanswear
  • Manufacturer
  • Haute Couture
  • Made to order
  • Custom Design