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Mad Rubb


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Since its inception, MadRubb has a clear goal, to mix daily fashion with latex. In that sense and at an artistic level, on the part of both components, the objective gives a lot of itself, it is open to innovate and to be able to express a multitude of facets which makes it very attractive and a great challenge both technically and artistically.

As for the business itself, we believe in taking latex to the street, in developing garments that can be combined both in the daily environment and in a more private environment, from the most everyday to what we call the “Fetish Chic”, garments with a fetish touch but full of trend. We offer quality garments based on our own models, although we also make any model that the client can propose to us, thus adjusting to the specific needs or desires of each client, which happens on many occasions.

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  • Menswear, Womanswear
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