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LTS Clothing

haute couture latex design

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LTX Clothing

is the haute couture of latex clothing and accessories.
All our garments are hand-made with greatest care, according to latest trends and needs of the most sophisticated customers.
They belong to a completely different world than common ready-made products, far more sublime and sensual.

We cannot afford cheapness. Quality is our greatest asset. With every single order, we strive to do our best. We know how to turn fantasies into reality and deliver projects for even the most demanding customers; we only need to take your measurements and learn your expectations. We can provide you with unique, modern design in a wide range of colors.

How did this idea come about? After many fruitless attempts to find exceptional products made of such an unconventional material as latex, we decided to take things into our own hands…

Why only dream of something you can actually have?

Now please sit back, let your imagination run free and tell us what you are looking for. We will certainly help you find it.

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  • Haute Couture, Fashion
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