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Latex Catfish


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Guangzhou China Latex Catfish Manufacturer has been in business since 2005.  We have been supplying latex fashion and costumes to resellers and customers everywhere across the globe.  You’ve seen our clothing in adds, in movies and across the internet.  We are all latex lovers and understand how much good latex clothing means to people.

Our latex sheet is made of 100% natural latex and has a comfortable and smooth feel.  Poor quality latex will not as durable or tear-resistant.  What’s worse, poor quality latex may do harm to your skin.  Some reactions to Latex are not the Latex itself but some of the blending chemicals used when the Latex is not completely pure and natural.  Poor quality latex will have bad impact on the finished product, craftsmanship and longevity of your garment.  China Latex Catfish Manufacturer has stringent quality controls to make sure that only 100% natural latex is used in our manufacturing.

Additional Details

  • Fashion, Fetish, Heavy Rubber
  • Onlineshop
  • Made to Measure, Made to order, Sandard sizes
  • Chlorination
  • Lockable Zippers