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For Fun


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SpandexForFun and RubberForFun were founded by Mr.S in 2009 and 2010 respectively. It was after he realized how much he was fond of spandex and rubber fetishism. Beginning as a hobby, the high demand from the market pushed him to launch his E-commerce business on these materials.

In the past 10 years, Mr.S. has been a big fan of Spandex and Rubber suits and gears. He keeps searching for the most fun and qualified suits and gears from the cheapest to the finest ones.

“Rubber and Spandex are the materials of God!”

Since 2018, Mr.S. has founded FORFUN with the idea that more varieties of materials and products can bring more fun and pleasure.

FORFUN’s main goal is to become a leading brand that incorporates the concept of cosmopolitan, in which pleasure & fun meet for all lifestyles.

Mr.S aims to make his commodities be easily accessed by everyone and be customized to suit various personal demands of all customers in all unique and special occasions.

Your Pleasure is FORFUN’s Principal.

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