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Butcherei Lindinger


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Our claim is pure passion. Passion for all that clothing can do for a body. Passion for the body itself, for the material that comes so close to it, passion for the secret wishes and desires. To measure not only the body but the wishes, dreams, desires and abysses that want to express themselves in leather, fabric, latex or metal, that is our true skill.

Every body is special and we give your body a perfect cover. Custom tailoring is a craft that we master to the highest perfection. But what we make does not just fit and sit perfectly. The noble individual works also perfect the one for whom they are made. An (un)visible kind of perfection that sets us and our customers apart from others. And yet that is not enough for us. The claim goes deeper.

Looking attractive well packaged is the art of getting the best out of a body through perfect tailoring and the right material, optimizing it, making it even more desirable through clothing.
What is it that makes us excited by this or that sight? The material, the combination of show and hide, the detail that draws the eye, attractive, magical. Everything is important and we make it real.

Perfect design outlasts time and fashion. It pleases all the senses, stimulates them and gives you the desire to find an opportunity to wear the piece. And with a custom made garment, you are part of the design.

Good design executed by experienced craftsmen leads to perfection. We are masters of our trade. Streetwear, extravagant evening wear, pants, shirts, belts, bracelets, underwear, boots, toys, bags. Just keywords for everything you get in the Butcherei or what is made here according to your measure and demand.

We work, produce and live in Berlin: the capital for individualists and perfectionists. Fashion meets fetish.

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