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beGLOSS - The Clean & Care Experts

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We are a start-up company which was created out of love for extraordinary outfits and extravagant materials.

We noticed that many people simply didn’t have the knowledge on how to properly care for their luxurious garments and on top of that, there were no specially designed products on the market.

It was often difficult for customers to find the correct care product (if there was one).

We made the decision to take on the task of educating people on the proper care for their favourite garments while also giving the materials the care and attention they deserve.

Consistently clear …

We have long consulted with expert chemists as well as end users so that we can develop products which meet all requirements!

In 2015 beGLOSS was born.

We debuted our new brand for the first time at an international trade fair in 2016. It proved to be quite a successful lightning start for us!

Soon we started to expand very quickly, and our team has grown to become a tight knit international family all over the world.

We opened a distribution for beGLOSS in Tokyo in 2016, and soon after in Australia in 2017.

Our products are now sold worldwide.

Even well-known designers use our products and recommend them to others.

What an honour!

Our beGLOSS research laboratory, which is based in Germany, has 40 years of experience of working with silicone compounds and cleaning products.

Our development team is constantly improving the product range and coordinating them to a high specification.

Despite our growing size, quality is important to us.

That is why ALL of our products are made in Germany and tested beforehand in our laboratory.

Because of this, we can always guarantee a high quality standard in the manufacturing and fulfilment in our factories. We continuously invest in new technologies as well as manufacturing and testing procedures to guarantee perfect high-quality products.

We personally support our direct customers and sales partners worldwide with information and promotional material in several languages.

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